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Director of Communications

Patrick Holubik


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YPSILANTI- Eastern Michigan University Student body has elected a new Student Government for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year. 2723 students voted in this election. The appointments made by Student Body are:



The positions of President and Vice President


Jelani McGadney & Jeffrery Chicione – 1176 votes


       The 98th Student Senate Names – votes


Ashley Adams – 127

Bradley Arnold – 243

Charrell Gary – 848

David Yanagi – 623

Emily Gillingham – 755

Hiba Baghdadi – 676

Joshua Kennedy – 284

Jeffery Kennedy – 489

James Linn – 1112

Joshua Lowe – 750

Jumanah Saadeh – 693

Jaimar Scott – 1031

Michael Maksymowski – 376

Matthew Rutkeske – 641

Rebecca Kiraz – 1085

Sarah Burch- 799

Write in-

Wayne Miller 24

Melvon Williams 30

Latreace  Williams 9

Prithvi Varma 24


A transition and inauguration meeting will be held on  April 5th  at 6:30 pm in room 310a of the Student Center.



For questions or comments please contact the Election Commissioner Tiran Burrell

at tburrell@emich.edu or the Director of Communications Patrick Holubik at student.government@emich.edu

Pie in the Face Success

Pie in the Face Success!
EMUSG hosted its annual Pie in the Face fundraiser to support SOS Community Center in Ypsilanti, Mich. during homecoming week 2009. SG raised over $185 during the event.

Special thanks to all the faculty and staff volunteers!

Message from Student Body President Royan

Fellow Eagles,

My name is Regina Royan and I am proud to be your student body president this year.    There are many exciting things that are in the works for students this year and I have been very busy over the summer revamping student government and working with many other individuals to make campus even better this semester.  For those of you that don’t know much about student government, we have a long and rich tradition here at EMU and it has been my personal goal to make it the best year yet.  Since I took office I have hired an executive board that is doing a fantastic job both improving our organization, and taking a critical look at ways we can really impact our educational experience during our short terms.   I am pleased to say that by keeping exceptionally busy we have been able to tackle some major projects already that I would like to highlight for you now:

•    Both myself and the student body vice president took positions on the University Budget Council after our swearing-in in April.  We took a very active and vocal role on behalf of the student body, and as a result the university announced a tuition increase much lower than many had predicted.

•    Along with the lowest tuition increase in the state we were very please to accept an increase to our own annual budget.  We are putting these funds to good use by providing increased financial support to student organizations and club sports as well as making some strategic planning for future projects that we would like to tackle. If your student organization would like to request funds for an event please check out the funding section of our website at www.emich.edu/studentgov

•    The first major project that I decided to work on was a 24 hour initiative for the Bruce T Halle library.  Starting on October 18th and running through October 29th the campus community will have access to the lower level of the library 24 hours a day for the two weeks that most classes will have their midterms.  A second period of extended hours will occur the weeks prior to and during finals (December 6th-17th). During these weeks, students will be able to access to the entire library. We are kicking off this brand new initiative with a Late Night Breakfast served by faculty, administration and staff starting at 10pm on October 18th.  Make sure you stop by to pick up a CLUB HALLE T-SHIRT! The entire campus community truly seems to be behind this initiative and while student government is fronting much of the cost for this initial trial period, we appreciate the immense help from the University employees that have made this possible.  This expansive list includes Rachel Cheng and Elaine Logan from the Halle Library, Bernice Lindke, Ted Coutilish, Larry Gates, Chief Odell and many others

•    Our summer was also filled by the planning of a brand new retreat for student organization leaders called SURGE. The purpose of this one-day intensive retreat was to provide a forum for student leaders to network and collaborate as well as to share successful methods of developing our organizations.  In partnership with campus life I am proud to say that the conference was student lead and organized.  We had phenomenal participation; over 100 student leaders from a broad spectrum of organizations attended.  We also welcomed guests Susan Martin and Ron English as well as other staff members to help get us pumped up for the fall.

•    Through SURGE, our Executive Board Retreat, and the annual Student Government’s Summer Summit where we were joined by Alma Wheeler Smith, I am proud to say that we have been able to hit the ground running this fall semester with a focused and cohesive organization.  We recently passed EMU’s first Student Bill of Rights, which has been many years in the making.  With advice and input from many students, staff, the retention council and others the document was passed unanimously by the Senate and was approved by the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents on September 22nd.

While that was just a brief overview of what student government has been up to I assure you that this year more than ever, we are ready and willing to leave our positive contribution on this campus. I look forward to working with all of you in this coming year.  If you have a question, or concerns that you feel student government could address please visit our website www.emich.edu/studentgov , email us at student.government@emich.edu or follow us on Twitter: EMUSG


Regina Royan

Student Body President

EMU SG Judicial Sergeant elections

EMU SG Judicial Sergeant elections being held at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 19, in 352 SC

EMU SG is holding elections for the positions of Judicial Sergeant during the first Senate meeting this semester, which will be held at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 19, in 352 SC.

The Judicial Sergeant serves as Senate Parlimentarian, timekeeper and guard for Senate meetings and grade grievance assitant; is responsible for maintaining Student Government properties and room set-up, training Senators and convening the Judicial Committee. The length of the position is for one calendar year.
Students interested in holding this position should attend the aforementioned meeting, where they will be able to run for the position of Judicial Sergeant from the floor.